Lakers seem to finally be embracing the importance of shooting

Prior to the offseason, the team’s new head coach Frank Vogel discussed his coaching philosophies, and laid out his vision for the team’s more modern and analytically inclined offense this upcoming year.

”I really believe in the value of the 3-point shot, and really what the analytics people would say the priority should be in your offensive approach. Meaning that the value of the free throw is higher than the rim two, which is higher than the corner three, which is higher than the arc three, which is higher than the mid-range shot.

“But within all of that the open shot takes precedent. We’re going to have a system in which we minimize the amount of guarded shots that we take, and I think there is going to be a big value in enhancing the perimeter shooting that we put around arguably the greatest drive-and-kick player that has ever played the game.