Which Team Will Be Able to Entice Kawhi Leonard?

The Lakers should be more appealing than they seem to be. They have the location, the legacy, and the chance to play for a title next season with Anthony Davis and LeBron James. But they have shown little proof that they know how to build a championship team, as evidenced by the uncertainty surrounding how much money they may actually have and whether they can afford to add a third max player. Depending on when the Davis deal gets done, and whether they can offload even more contracts, like those of Moe Wagner and Isaac Bonga, that number could fluctuate between $23.7 million and $32.5 million. The Lakers’ top-end talent counts for something, but their stars won’t be able to win a title if the team can’t play more than four guys come May and June. And Kawhi just had a front-row seat to how valuable depth can be on a title contender. Kawhi also doesn’t seem like the type to join a superteam.