He’s one of my favorite players in the league so that was hard to witness. When he screamed out “FUUUKKKKKK!!!” at the top of his lungs as he entered the locker room, that pretty much encapsulated everything. Sad way for him to go out and we won’t see him for a year and maybe another before he’s back to himself..if at all age 33.

Lotta folks playing the blame game today but for me it just came down to one of the cruel twists of fate we often see in sports. KD went thru a month of evaluation, treatment, & rehab with multiple teams of specialists. He was ultimately cleared to play by everyone. But there’s a reason why it’s called a medical OPINION and not a medical GUARANTEE. Ain’t no certainties in this shyte..it’s science, not math. Ultimately, it’s the player’s decision to make cuz nobody can force you out onto the floor. For whatever reason, he chose to go.

And by the looks of things he felt fine. His pre-game dance moves were more strenuous than the play where he was injured. A simple plant of the foot and that’s all she wrote. Were those 12 minutes too much? In hindsight..yeah. But in the moment? Dude was cooking and looked great. Shyte happens.

So that’s where I’m at…