New Cavs Coach Tyronn Lue Set the Tone Early by Telling LeBron James to ‘STFU’

Blatt was out; assistant coach Tyronn Lue was in.

One of Lue’s first tasks was to make sure that team chemistry—a key for a squad with championship aspirations—was good. Teams need stars, even James, to know that they cannot do whatever they want. While some coaches may be cautious with challenging a superstar, Lue wasted little time in setting the tone, according to Ken Berger of CBS Sports:

“They felt they were doing this for LeBron,” the person familiar with the internal workings of the team said, “instead of with LeBron.”

Lue changed that the moment he first told James in a huddle, “Shut the [expletive up]. I got this,” according to a person who heard the exchange—and a few others like it. If Lue was going to get the stars and the role players to buy into the strategic changes he was determined to implement—play faster, space the floor, move the ball, take full advantage of Love’s versatility—he was going to have to restore order first.