Just a question

I was thinking that the only way we can probably trade for AD would be too luck out and land Zion in the draft. But say it happens. It would take more then him. You would probably have to add BI and most likely Kuz or Ball to that trade. So what would be the better team. Making that trade or keeping Zion and the other kids and signing say Boogie and a couple of decent shooters? I think I would go for the 2nd choice. While not quite all star level yet BI, Kuz and Lonzo were all trending in the right direction. And BI was on the door step of stardom. Keep in mind that the Greek Freak didn’t break out until 22 and Dlo and Randle broke out soon after we let them go. Both BI and Kuz averaged 18 ppg, that’s not exactly chopped liver. What would you do? Go all in for today with AD or make signings that could make you a contender and set you up for years to come? Considering AD will be a free agent next year I personally would go with Boogie and the kids.