This Summer


As the season from hell comes to a merciful end it has me thinking of how we can put out this dumpster fire. No need to rehash the crap because it won’t change anything. First I don’t see a big trade. Lonzo seemed to be stepping up his game when he went down. Unfortunately the sample size wasn’t big enough. BI was raising his trade value by the game until he went down. While the medical reports pointed to contact as the cause of the clots it will probably take a while for teams to take the chance. And Kuz hasn’t been doing much lately to raise his stock. Unless something crazy happens with the ping pong balls I doubt that we can pull off a trade.

That leaves free agency. Again I’m not overly optimistic that we can land one of the K free agents. Ironically Kyrie maybe our best shot. It kind of appears that he doesn’t like being the face of a franchise. And with all the praise he’s been sending Lebron it makes you wonder. But even without a K free agent we still could build a pretty good team with the 38 mil we will have in cap space. Actually the key to if we can be a contender next year is really up to KD. If he leaves the Warriors it will really level the playing field in the West.

I think the first thing is do not kick the can another year for AD. You can always give away a good player in trade if you need to create cap space. Plus the cap will rise to 118 mil in 2020. I would try and extend BI for around 20 mil. Because of the injury he might be open to it. If you wait and he picks up where he left off it’s going to cost a lot more. It would also be nice to have a good player with a reasonable contract if to trade if a great opportunity comes along. We haven’t had that and we have missed out.

If we can’t land a top free agent I would turn my attention to centers. I’ve read that Vucevic may not get more then 20 mil because this year is the best he’s had. And Boogie may not get more then that either. It would probably be one year and a player option year to prove himself. I would look to bring Javelle and Brook back if we couldn’t land one of them. Here are some of the players we could fill out the roster with.


Rose, Rubio, Teague, Elfrid Payton, Rondo


Terrence Ross, Danny Green, Bullock, Matthews, tyreke evans


Bogdanovic, Ariza


Mirotic, either of the Morris twins, Thad Young, Taj Gibson

There are others but like Randle I don’t think they would come. If we can’t add a top free i would like either Boogie or Vuc, Rose or Teague and Terrence Ross. That would be pretty good team of course we would have to stay healthy. If we can’t land a top free agent, who would you like to add?