5 Things

1) Ingram, Ball, Kuzma and LeBron have played 23 games together. Too small of a sample size. Don’t turn this thing into a dumpster fire front office folk.

2) 1-year deals ain’t getting it done. Nobody wants to work at a Used car lot and that’s what the Lakers are, right now. Got some newer models in but everything is available, even the van our office is in!

3) LeBron James has the right attitude. Check his post-game interview. Sounds like maybe the guys figured out how to just play basketball again. Few weeks too late, but a good sign nevertheless.

4) JaVale McGee played 33 minutes. Rounding back into shape about a month too late. Training staff, re-examine it. All of it. Start now.

5} Light some incense, take a chill pill, read Sacred Hoops, do something to rekindle that winning fire. Phil’s aura of ‘only winning’ faded sometime in the months after he won #11. The franchises winning aura seemingly followed him out of town soon thereafter. Get it back, pronto.