Where do we go from here

This has been the most disappointing season for me since Kobe went down with the Achilles. I had two major concerns when we landed Lebron and so far they both have materialized. The first was we would try to fast track a contender to take advantage of Lebron’s window. That’s very hard to do when you don’t already have a 2nd star in place. The Celtics had Pierce. The Heat had Wade. The Warriors had 3 stars and added KD. Trading Clarkson and Nance created the space to land Lebron. They should have stopped there. Trading Dlo to create more space was a fail. Yes he wasn’t a star yet but at 22 he is and that’s typical. It takes time. There wasn’t much info on our attempt to trade for PG but one wonders that if we still had Dlo to offer in a package we might have PG now. Yes we got a pick that turned into Kuz but we had the next pick as well. And even if the Nets has taken Kuz at 27 who would you rather have PG or Kuz? Oh and with Mosgovs salary and Dlo and others we might have Butler now. And if the trade didn’t happen Dlo sure would have come in handy this year with all of the injuries. Next we let Randle our best player last year walk for nothing. Think we could have used him this year? And wouldn’t he be a nice piece for a trade package? Then of course we trade a developing young big go for a 3 point shooter that can’t get off the bench with half the team injured. The irony was the FO looking for a center off the waiver wire. Zu’s cap hold would have been minimal this summer. The only free agent that we would have needed that space for is KD and he’s not coming. Of course the could have released him if they did the space. Perhaps the FO feels we won’t need centers going forward. Then all the trade line drama was just stupid. I’ve never seen anything like it. If everything out there was fake news they did nothing to try and manage it.

My other concern was Lebron’s health at 34. I know how well he takes care of his body but so did Kobe and his body started breaking down at 34. Hopefully we don’t see injuries piling up over the next 3 years.

Brandon’s blood clot may have killed the slim chance we had at an AD trade. While it’s treatable and very likely a one time deal, Bosh’s blood clot issues would have to be in the back of GM’s minds. And it very well may pay off if we can’t trade him. BI struggled the first part of the year playing with Lebron. But over his last 32 games he averaged a little over 20 a game on 51% shooting and 33% from 3. And of course 28 ppg after the all star game. He’s been better then the golden boy Tatum over the same stretch.

Moving forward I would like the FO to understand that yes you can trade people if you need to. I would like them to build the best team they can and not worry about these one year deals. Sign good players that will fit with Lebron and the kids. Hopefully a good center. If AD wants to come in 2020 it’s not hard to give away a good player in a trade. It time to build the best team possible and not worry so much about the sacred cap space if we are not able to sign a big name this summer.