5 Things I Saw Tonight

Caught the game from the 324 section tonight. While we did lose to the Celtics I also have to say it wasn’t a surprise.

1) LeBron playing limited minutes. I honestly happened to peak up at the scoreboard when LeBron had 23 points, 9 rebounds and 11 assists. I had no idea he was even close to a triple-double, it just didn’t seem like he was doing all that much to influence the game, everyone else on the floor (Kyrie included) just worked so much harder to get results. The game really just come to LeBron in a way that it does for a very select few. Might have had 40 if we were playing for anything. Goes to show you what the best can do with a smaller workload.

2) Moe Wagner can ball. I’ll be the first to admit I might have been wrong about our rookie center’s skills other than shooting 3s. Moe has a solid handle with a nifty behind the back dribble he used to lose a few defenders. While that sort of thing will get scouted in about 2 minutes the fact that he has that kind of handle and smarts to use it something to be excited about. Moe had a great game in the loss.

3) KCP is garbage this season. The dude just can’t do anything right. I’ll be the first to admit that I was in favor of bringing him back last summer. Anything resembling some form of continuity seemed prudent, teams aren’t built in a microwave (LeBron’s ‘instant oatmeal’ quote comes to mind). But we brought back the wrong guy, KCP is like an advanced version of our young core. Advanced meaning he’s older but in the same boat. Still looking to leave something resembling a mark, doesn’t see himself as a role player and still can’t deliver consistently. Shoulda kept Brook or Julius.

4) Johnathon Williams should have played more. I’m not really sold on Bonga or really any of the 2s or 3s I’ve seen from the South Bay Lakers but Mr. Williams brings it pretty hard when it comes to cleaning the glass. Yes, he’s under-sized. Yes, he has a limited skill-set. Yes, he’ll never be a super-star. Doesn’t matter, that guy off the bench is the kind of energy this team needed desperately for the last few months. Not sure whose call it is to bring up a G-Leaguer but that person needs to re-examine their thinking.

5) The team is in desperate need of help. Honestly K-Leonard would be my first pick but I don’t see it happening. But with Ingram and Ball out for the season (both our #2 picks, both too oft-injured for my taste although Lonzo has missed way more games), Kuzma out for whenever he comes back and LeBron likely to be scaled back more and more. The team is honestly just short on players who can impact the game on multiple levels. Magic and Rob have their work cut out for them. Luke may well be fired but it won’t be for the right reason, the real issue is this mish-mashed roster that could have been avoided if Rob and Magic could drop the pride shtick and just tried to actually build a team. The other real reason are the injuries that have simply overwhelmed what talent this roster had. Luke’s sets and whatever rotation quibbles one may have or what have you are small cuts and bruises. You don’t save a patient with band aids, you need to get into the meat and bone of the problem.