Major Disappointment


When you are playing the hottest team in the NBA and you play as well as we did and lose, it’s hard to take. Just 3 plays did us in. Rondo’s bad pass, Lebron’s offensive foul under the basket and the dagger KCP’s inbound pass. While The burden of that play rests on KCP it was a group fail. I understand they had a play called but the Bucks set a defense that ruined it. So Lebron move to the ball, just don’t stand there. Rondo come on down. They had 3 defenders boxing in Lebron and BI. Go get the ball. Call a time out. Yes we only had one but we were only down 3 with the ball and over a minute and half left. And if KCP wasn’t calling it, Luke needed to.

Injuries have just destroyed this season. I think we win this game with Lonzo. Lebron, Bi and Kuz did a great job of containing the Freak and Middleton. It was the back court that was torching us. Especially Bledsoe. Rondo can’t defend one on one anymore. I think Lonzo could have at least slowed him down some.

It’s not over yet. No one is really running away with that 8th spot, Still we just can’t afford silly mistakes against good teams. The only silver lining for me is BI is playing like a legit 2nd option. He was playing pretty well before this latest string of games. If this continues sign a center Vuc or Boogey, add a couple of bench pieces and I think we’re good to go.