It's all got to come together…..quickly

I think the Lakers can make the playoffs but a whole lot has to come together very rapidly with only 25 games left. We ain’t midway thru the season at all-star break…we’re about 70%.

Lebron’s Health
The thing I’ll be looking for is the amount of 3’s & long 2’s he’s taking relative to driving to the bucket. Also keep an eye on how many free throw attempts he’s getting. All of it speaks to aggressiveness and how much he’s trusting that groin. He’s in uncharted territory coming off a serious injury and being forced to go hard on it if he has any hopes of making the postseason. Groins are notoriously slow to heal..he might not be 100% the rest of the season.

Lonzo’s Health
He’s never come back early from an injury. Could be the training staff being overly cautious or could be that he’s just a slow healer. Not sure how far he’s away from getting back on the court but he’s only recently started running….on an underwater treadmill. And when he does finally come back are we gonna have to go thru the whole gamut of perceived obstacles to him playing well all over again? Being aggressive, gelling with Lebron, looking over his shoulder at Rondo, etc. Ain’t a whole lotta time to work thru all that bullshyte again..

The New Guys
What’s the biggest downfall we always hear about having Lebron on the team? It takes time to learn how to play with Lebron. Hell, we’ve heard it all season and we’re 70% of the way in along with training camp & pre-season. Now we need these dudes to immediately blend in and make major contributions over 25 games with very little practice time.

Luke Successfully Juggling The Rotation
Has never been a strong suit. He’s much more comfortable using a hockey-style platoon system than mixing & matching guys. This might be the weakest link in this entire confluence of events that needs to happen for a successful run to the playoffs. Little time left and Luke has always been slow on the uptake when it comes to figuring out the right combination of players.

The AD Hangover
Yeah…the trade deadline is behind us. But July 1st is on the horizon. These guys know they were all up on the block and will be again come summer. It has a psychological effect…there’s no getting around that.

The Schedule
We squandered the easier part of our schedule and now we’ve got to run a gauntlet just to make the 8 seed. Yeah…we were the 4th seed but that didn’t happen against this type of competition. We can’t lose to any of the non-playoff teams and need to upset some highly seeded teams for this to work.

So the Lakers have much to overcome and little time to pull it all together. I still think it can be done but there’s very little margin for error.