5 Things I Liked

1) …sigh
2) ….sigh
3) The kumbya moment that brought the team togeth-oh…
4) ……..sigh
5) …76ers look tough to beat. Could go all the way. Might not keep it together past the season but that’s going to be one tough out.

Lakers are really digging themselves into a hole that might result in more than a few people losing jobs and playing/working for other teams. The sentence “If _______ can’t _____ with LeBron James on the roster than they need to get fired.” applies to a whole lotta folks in the organization. Injuries happen, that excuse only flies so far. Free agency whiffs happen, trades don’t go through, all of that happens but the strategy needs to be consistent. But it all gets hyper-magnified when you’re:

A) The Lakers and…
B) You have LeBron James on the team.

For all the sound bites and articles talking patience earlier in the season that is a difficult precept to preach and follow through on when you’re a competitor of the highest caliber. Said it early, saying it again: anyone, and I do mean anyone, not named LeBron James or Jeannie Buss should not get too comfy in that uniform, office, chair, what have you. It’s a business from the top to the bottom and that fact has never been more plain than in the last couple weeks.

If the season continues on this track than the summer is going to be a solar flare that hits the Earth 22 times in a row. Hope these guys can figure out how to go on some sort of winning streak, prove to themselves they can do this at a high level because otherwise they’ll be learning how somewhere else. First chance comes Tuesday at Atlanta.