It’s hard to believe how the last 72 hours have pretty much re-defined how I thought Rob and Magic were doing as the Laker brain trust. It’s not a very high opinion right now. The true feather in their cap is signing LeBron, which if we’re being honest wanted to come here as much as Magic “sold” him on coming here. If anything we can thank the kids and family as much as Magic.

Trading Zubac (upside still developing, ceiling still unknown) for Mike Muscala (firmly in the ‘mediocre’ range) is just silly. You could simply waive Alex Caruso if you really want to free up a spot for Melo. Beasley…I dunno what happened to that guy, dude looks like an ungrateful heel to me right now but still has his uses on our roster.

Reggie Bullock for Svi was solid. Improved an area that needed improving and all it cost was a guy who could barely crack the rotation. These are the kind of moves a savvy executive makes. But this kind of move is no the norm for Magic and Rob. They’re just as likely to let players like Brook Lopez and Julius Randle walk for nothing and that’s not what smart teams do.

But the capper is how NOLA schooled us. The entire AD fiasco is still mind-boggling to me. That whole thing goes beyond ‘rookie mistake’ into ‘desperately stupid’. De-valued your own players, big time. Made your coaches job harder. For all the shyte I laid at Jim and Mitch’s feet (and they helped create a lot to lay) this is worse than anything they ever did. Maybe the rotating coach every 9 months comes close but that’s it. But this has a ripple effect up and down the roster, around the NBA and into the public perception of their general competency.

Magic Johnson is and will always be a Laker Legend. Nothing will ever change that. But these moves are just…really dumb. I no longer have any sense of the direction the team wants to go in or faith that Magic has anything resembling a plan outside of ‘get really good player here with the help of a sports agency’ which is a really lame plan. You have to be a lot smarter than this, Earv, you’re setting yourself for future burns on the trade market.

Things will look up if we beat Boston so let’s speak that mo-fo into existence. I need a scotch to wash out the taste that the last 72 hours has left in my mouth…where’s 63 footer when you need him?