5 Things That Just Really Sucked


1) Three point battle Kuzma o-fer, KCP o-fer and as a team we shot 4-21 and allowed Indy to go off to the tune of 19-34. Defending the three takes heart and passion, you’ve got to attack screens, fight through them and extend everything to even have a chance. The Lakers had none of those things going their way tonight.

2) Rebound battle. Lost by 7 but where they really killed us was on their own offensive glass. We gave up 11 offensive rebounds which helped them to a whopping 99-75 advantage in shot attempts. Again, rebounding is a heart/passion stat and tonight we lacked in that dept. big time.

3) Turnovers. A stat that reveals how distracted and bothered the team is by the rumors swirling around the team. The team coughed it up 19 times (led by LeBron’s 6) and incredibly only gave up 6 points off those miscues. On the flip side we pretty much maxed out scoring off of Pacer mistakes scoring 33 points off of 10 turnovers. While we weren’t done in by our turnovers exclusively the sheer number made it impossible to get into a groove.

4) Michael “Bro” Beasley’s. Mr. Beasley is here only because it strikes me as sad to see what really could have been a neat plot line utterly derailed by selfish rants and selfish play. 0 for 8 from the field in only 12 minutes of play. This after getting into it with coach Walton. I really want to, and had been up to now, pulling for Michael to continue his turnaround from last year but that feels more and more unlikely with each passing game.

5) Kids just not showing up…again. The only thing consistent about the young Lakers is that they’re really inconsistent. It’s a huge problem and will effect everything from our ability to make a splashy trade to thinking about making the playoffs. Injuries happen, trades happen, weird coaching rotations or spotty minutes happen and those are things that are out of your immediate control. But your effort and heart are not. Not to come down too hard on the kids, Lance has disappeared for vast stretches of games, Beasley looks like he wants to shoot his way into a long term contract somewhere else and so on but if you’re heralding the future like this than it’s just not a future to be all that excited about.

Bonus sucktitude goes to Magic and Rob for allowing themselves to get this drawn into the muck. If these leaks came from us that’s really pathetic and once they realized how they were being played (something that ought to have been fairly obvious no later than this morning) they needed to hold firm on whatever the last best offer had been. We all get down on our young players and our young coach for not learning or adapting quickly enough. Looks like our young GM and President suffer from a similar malaise. Make an offer, wait for a counter. If none comes then you move on. Flinging players about like you just discovered the ESPN trade machine is what bloggers like us do, they need to get better at this fast if they want to maximize LeBron’s few remaining prime years. I happen to believe the leaks are coming from New Orleans so as soon as the first one dropped you have to get a lot smarter than they’ve shown themselves to be. Don’t help de-value your own talent, they don’t need that kind of help and it’s embarrassing that an NFL owner’s small market organization that just can’t seem to do anything right has used you to drive up the price without really even trying. Rookie mistake. This opinion of mine almost got it’s very own post but I figured let’s just get all the negative vibes out now and start fresh tomorrow.