5 Things I Liked

Pretty much all of the Things was going to come with same caveat of “for the first 3 quarters” or “until the 4th quarter” when the Warriors found their mojo. So I found other things to like, for the most part.

  1. Mow Wagner’s best NBA game to date. Mor played so well in the first half I was surprised he didn’t see any minutes afterward. Moe canned all his shots and looked much more at ease than at any other point in his young career.
  2. Laker fans cheering Klay. While the shooting guard for the Warriors has always maintained a desire to remain at that position it had to be a cool feeling having Laker fans in your arena cheer you on. Laker fans were a sizable contingent last night at Oracle. Love it.
  3. Laker defense on Steph Curry. They doubled Curry off screens, forced him off the three point line into defenders and generally did a good job containing the best shooter in the game today.
  4. Lakers staying composed in the face of the Warriors clown tactics. Whether it was Draymond Green giving Wagner a little shove in the back, Boogie Cousins shoving Rondo or Kevin Durant throwing the ball at Josh Hart the young Lakers were the more emotionally composed team. While not one of those situations was correctly called by the officiating crew as a fan it was good to see.
  5. Issac Bonga sighting! Didn’t do much but he got some run. Curious to see if some of the Lakers who are banged up (Kuzma and Hart) sit and we see some more Bonga and Wagner.

Losing to the champs on their home floor? Not terrible but if this team wants to make the playoffs they’ll need to figure out how to win some of these games.