It’s Just Business


Fortunately Magic knows a little more about business then Woj. First rule, don’t put your best deal on the table upfront. The next rule, do not bid against yourself, even if you’re working in online businesses like day trade cryptocurrency, you always need to have confidence in you and do your research. Other then the Celtics wanting the Pels to wait, there doesn’t appear like there are any other offers yet. I am confident that all of our young players have been mentioned in different combinations but perhaps not all of them at once. And that’s the smart play because honestly the Pels have some things to worry about and would love it if the Lakers panicked and caved.

First Rich Paul badly wants AD in LA. Rich Paul is not only Lebrons agent but one of his best friends. They grew up together and Lebron helped him get his start. He will do anything he can to help him. I’m sure the Lakers know what AD is thinking. And the Pels have to know that too. If AD stands firm what will others offer? And the Celtics seriously could be out of AD’s long term plans when they Kyrie. Which it appears will happen. And if they get to the summer and others aren’t offering killer deals they could be forced to take even less from the Lakers. I don’t think the Lakers will put their best offer on the table until they feel they need to.