5 Things I Liked

  1. The Return of the King. The unexpected return of LeBron James was great. He seemed to be playing at a more measured pace but he still put up his regular LBJ numbers. Nice to have him back.
  2. Beating a division/conference opponent ahead of us in the standings. Best way to make up ground in the race to the playoffs. Bonus points for handing the Clippers their first OT loss.
  3. Lance Stephenson going off. I was both surprised and stoked his and-1 dunk didn’t get changed to a Flagrant 1. Hate to see him waste those dance moves. Lance was a key player in the W.
  4. 3-headed center monster. Luke threw the kitchen sink at Boban who almost had enough of an impact to swing the game to the Clippers.
  5. Brandon Ingram aka Mr. Efficieny. BI didn’t try to do too much and was as good playing off the mall as I’ve seen him all year. Nice game of being a support player.

Honorable mention goes to all the young players tuning out the noise and doing the job. That’s a nice thing to see during what is certain to be a tumultuous few days.