5 Things I Liked

Man was that a pathetic start to the contest. Unlike Dallas where we turned it on in the 2nd quarter the Lakers didn’t really get it going until the second half and just were never able to close the gap.

1) Michael Beasley’s kicks. Created in an atomic reactor, not sure if MB knows that the color green is out in Laker Land. Also, did nothing for his game. Beasley was doing a lot of one-on-one mockery with the rock in the 1st quarter and was largely ineffective. One of his worst games as a Laker and unfortunate for a guy who I think just about everyone is pulling for.

2) Rondo’s Straightening Routine. In back-to-back games Rajon has straightened Luke’s outfit before tip off. While funny he might want to change it as it’s not really translating into wins.

3) The JaVale McGee high fly act returning to STAPLES. JaVale got some nice burn last night and was the star off the bench as both Zubac and Chandler struggled t even begin to try and contain Embiid. While McGee was only marginally able to affect the 76ers big man on offense he certainly made sure that Joel also had to show up on D as he went 7-12 and was one of the players that almost made a game out of what looked like a blow out early.

4) Lakers looking better and better from the free throw line. Of course we shot 16 free throws compared to Philly’s 28 (15 by Embiid alone) which seemed odd considering we outscored them 56-48 in the paint. hard for me to buy the line that we aren’t the physical aggressor when we score most of pur points driving to the rim. Been like this all season and it’s hnestly starting to piss me off. Ingram got bumped on more than a couple of shots, Hart had his once a game mobbing at the rim and in general the Lakers don’t really seem to benefit from the league wide notion that the team that is aggressive going to the rim usually shoots na equivalent amount of free throws. Big mystery, someone call in the Mystery Machine and see what Scoob and Co. can unearth.

5) Brandon Ingram just showing up to work. Whether it was the suspension, trade talks, or chatter about his generally same as last season play Ingram is pretty much steady every game. Doesn’t blow you away in any one stat category most nights but plays solid defense, is an above average passer and can get hot from anywhere on the floor. Where he chooses to shoot from will forver be a topic of discussion. In my opinion he takes too many mid-range jumpers and I am still a pretty big fan of the mid-range jumper. Luckily BI was on fire from the mid-range and scored a career high 36 points on only 20 shots without shooting one 3 pointer and only getting to the line 5 times (made 4). That’s impressive by any means in the modern NBA. Way to tune out the chatte and take out any frustartions where you need to do it: on the court.