Seems Celtics package is about to be torpedoed.

If AD flat out say he will only re-sign with the Lakers, Ainge will not include Tatum in any trade package. That leaves them with Rozier, Brown, Smart, broken down Haywood, old Horford and 4 first round picks that aint that high with all the protection built-in. They can’t even entice with Kyrie because he too is going to be a free agent. Trade him to NO and watch him sign with Lakers by the end of the season. Rewind, LBJ.

Dang. AD, LBJ, and a K guy (Kyrie, Klay, KD, Kawhi). Rondo at Point, KCP at 2, McGee as 6th man and Lance at guitar.

Oh, LA can’t trade KCP. They need his salary to come off the books so they have money for the 3rd superstar.

Oh oh, If they want a better shot at Klay, Magic better keep Luke.