Watching the game last night made it clear how big losing Rondo with Lebron wasZ We more likely would have been 10 and 6 instead of 6 and 10. Just watching the difference he makes on BI was incredible. He got the ball to BI in his most effective spots and BI looked unstoppable. BI still made plays for others but he’s much better when he’s a secondary play maker. The suspension and the injury contributed to a slow start but he’s been quietly averaging 19 a game since coming back from injury.

Big ZU benefits from Rondo. He gets the ball in great spots from him. And KCP also was getting the ball in his sweet spots. Overall it was a great performance. As for Lance I don’t recall to many players that can look as good and as bad as he does. But when he’s on like last night he’s terrific. Only to many fouls and some really stupid turnovers yes I’m looking at you Beez. Kept the Suns close. Just a hint Beez the guys in the striped shirts are the refs, not teammates and if Lance is standing on the sideline in a warmup he’s probably not in the game :) Factor in a couple of missed dunks and layups and this game would have been a complete blow out.