5 Things That Happened

  1. KT went off. Laker defense got busted open by the white hot Klay Thompson. Tip your cap and move on, dude made history. It happens when you play the Warriors.
  2. Ivicia had another solid outing. I kind of like that he gets the crunch time quarters. He generally only plays in the 2nd and 4th quarters, says a lot about how much Luke and the staff believe in him. Zubac could be an intriguing player going forward. I’m fairly sure Magic and Rob have zero reservations about trading Ivicia…but one wonders if he could be the exact anchor LBJ and Rondo can use to shred defenses in the regular season.
  3. We missed a lot of 3s. Watching this game was like watching a Neanderthal go up against a Ninja. The Neanderthal kept trying to get in close to deliver a big blow and the Ninja just kept darting about pelting him with bladed stars and easily dispatched the clumsy oaf. When the Lakers did shoot threes they didn’t go in and our best shooters (in theory) and starters for the game combined to go 3-10. Ingram needs to figure out how to shoot more 3s. They nod to modern hoops every 4 games just doesn’t cut it. Let it fly and watch your lanes open up, again. KCP has just not found his shot, Hart was good tonight with his shot but a disaster on D and Kuzma’s three pointer comes and goes like a Shakespearean spirit.
  4. Caruso with some D. While he simply isn’t the answer for us at any position I do admire the Great Caruso’s pluck. Hit some buckets, got a couple blocks, and ended the night with the highest +/- on the team. Need to hit a free throw, along with the rest of the team…
  5. The Lakers got a taste of what the Warriors will bring in the playoffs. Yeah, I know, we beat them at home when they totally wanted to beat us. But you could see from the opening tip that this game was different. Draymond Green hounded Brandon in the 1st quarter, the Warriors took numerous charges, and they got what they wanted with crisp ball movement to the tune of 41 assists on 50 made shots, 16 of which came from three point land. We hit a buzz saw like we haven’t really seen, save for LeBron and Rondo. Lot of growing yet to do. Minnesota on Thursday.