5 Things I Liked

  1. Forcing overtime against potential playoff teams. Yes I know we lost last night, but I doubt we were favored to win by almost anyone. But what I like about it is the ‘we’re not backing down from you’ aspect of it all.
  2. Team defense. Credit the players for executing and communicating on D. While Luke and his staff have done a great job getting everyone to buy into an effective way of defending the opposition it’s atill only a blueprint. Takes players making it happen for it to live and breathe. A lot of our best defenders are early into their NBA careers and this bodes very well for the Lakers as a whole.
  3. Ivicia Zubac. Is it just me or has Zu looked like a different player for the last month? While he hasn’t scored well in all his games of late he’s been great setting screens (something we saw with him and IT last year) and defending the rim. Zu still rates out as a back up but with every game lately he’s forcing me to at least consider him as an above-average back up if not potential starter.
  4. Lonzo staying aggressive. Big bummer about his ankle, he had really found a groove out there and had been playing well over the last stretch of games. His defensive instincts are his best quality, in my opinion others may rate his passing higher, and will surely be missed.
  5. The tough losses building these guys up. All the noise and chatter about our young players can’t or don’t do well, about how our coach isn’t the best at this or that, and despite slipping in and out of a playoff seeding…these guys have all hung together and put team first. From the kids to the vets there has been little to no internal drama visible. With guys playing for their next job, first big deal or to stay the coach it has rarely looked like anyone has broken from the team or the scheme. That kind of credit can be doled out to everyone from Jeannie to Rudy the equipment manager and is one of the things that makes me hopeful we make the playoffs. Still a lot of season left and, as always, how healthy we stay and consistent we play will determine a lot. Here’s hoping we keep growing every game. Go Lakers.