Clutch three by Gordon.
I don’t know what KCP was thinking when he shot that air ball, but it wasn’t his to take. If he had the hot hand tonight, I would have been fine with it, but he did not.

Another ball handler/offense runner goes down. Ball was having such a great game before that nasty roll. He actually was in the process of rolling it before he was body checked so I do understand why the refs didn’t blow the whistle.
So proud of big Zu- his play has now allowed him to be considered part of our “young core.”

I figured out how Harden gets so much space between himself and his man: HE PUSHES OFF HARD with his left arm. I watched him closely the entire game and he pushed off 17 times in order to create space. 17 TIMES!!!! This is why I can’t stand him- he gets away with offensive foul, after offensive foul, after offensive foul. This “epic run” that he’s on is a theatrical farce. I have been watching NBA basketball for 34 years and no other player throughout this span has been allowed to push off like this. Nobody.

For those who may say that I’m just mad because my team lost: I was ready to write these exact same words regarding Harden even if we had won.