Huge Win

There haven’t been many games this year where we got big games from all of our kids. Tonight there were contributions all the way down the bench to Moe.

Lonzo showed us again what he can do when he he doesn’t hesitate. When he plays poorly you can see the wheels turn in his head and over thinking takes over. Tonight whether it was shooting the 3, attacking the rim or passing the ball he was just playing free and easy.

Josh is a true junk yard dog. Kuz got the 32 but like Luke said in the post game we lose without Josh. Game ball to Josh.

Kuz isn’t going to shoot over 50% from 3 every game but with how he’s improved the rest of his offensive game if he can shoot close to 40% from 3 we won’t need to trade for a 2nd scorer. He will be 20+ a game.

In flashes Big Zu has shown why he was kept around. He seems to be playing with more force then in the past. Out playing a center as good as Adams down the stretch and in OT was a huge step forward for one of the most likable Lakers. He’s been our best center in a lot of games lately.

And finally BI. He has averaging over 18 a game since returning from that injury. But they just weren’t falling tonight. But he’s really growing as a playmaker. Instead of forcing the issue he dished out 11 assists. But was more impressive was his defense on Paul George down the stretch. When he came back in with with about 5 1/2 minutes to go Luke put him on PG. PG went 0 for 6 with one point total down the stretch and in OT. Considering PG is in the MVP discussion that was impressive.

Oh if you were wondering, the officials review stated that Lonzo’s Foul on Westbrook was on the floor and should have been side out. Ya think?