Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka need to look in the mirror, not at Luke Walton

This is their creation. These are their guys. Some, they drafted high. Others, they have protected in potential trades. Still others, they signed last summer knowing full well they were eccentric veterans whose personalities would not change.

This is their group, and if this group continues to be a bust, then Johnson and Pelinka must absorb the brunt of that failure.

This was their idea of how to build a playoff team for Year One of The LeBron James Era, and if this team can’t survive any sort of James absence, that’s on Johnson and Pelinka.

There has been talk that Walton will take the fall here, and it could be sooner than later, and that’s absurd. The idea that Johnson would fire him in the wake of their current slide without the groin-sore James is as misguided as Johnson’s earlier confrontational scolding of his coach.