Happy New Year everyone!

Just past the halfway point of the season, and here are my (quasi) truncated thoughts:

A) It was a COLOSSAL MISTAKE to not resign Julius. Absolutely unacceptable in my opinion. I think that continuity is an important thing in building a team, and letting him walk was a major issue. Maybe we could sign him if he opts out of the option year in his contract this summer. I also think it was a mistake to let Brook go, as having him (along with JaVale/Tyson) would have given flexibility for match-ups that I think would have been beneficial.
B) I completely get the talk about De’Aaron Fox – he’s made more improvements this year than I ever expected. However, I am still completely good with Lonzo as he does bring it on D, has court vision, rebounding skill, and energy that “Ice Water Boy” never did. Lonzo is approaching All-NBA defensive team status.
C) The FT shooting as a team is ATROCIOUS (especially Lonzo). What the heck, man?
D) When Rob and Magic said that they wanted to build a roster of playmakers, they forgot to ensure that there were enough people who can shoot. Granted, someone like Joe Ingles isn’t available all the time, but perhaps adding a few people who can actually put the ball in the hole would be fantastic. Maybe we need to keep an eye on people who profile like Bryn Forbes in the next draft class.
E) The D is pretty solid, and has been the only thing keeping the team in games recently. We’ll see how ready this team is in the next couple of weeks as the games get harder.
F) Regarding talk that “3>2” stuff, which is reductionary and misses the point – please do have a read of this article: https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/nba-insider-tom-haberstroh/lies-damned-lies-and-statistics-confusing-analytics-nbas-3-point

Hope you all are well!