5 Things That Are Starting to Piss Me Off

1) Lackluster starts. Get up for the game, kids, you don’t know how good you got it. When STAPLES starts to boo it’s never a good sign.

2) Bricking threes but not adapting and taking it to the rim when there’s a wide open lane. Sure, we needed to try and close the gap down the stretch but those three’s weren’t falling. I get it, 2 is better than 3 analytically speaking but 0 doesn’t get it done. This one isn’t just on the kids, the vets need to show better recognition, as well.

3) Kuzma not getting calls. Kuzma has replaced Josh Hart in the “Which Laker is driving aggressively to the hole, getting hammered and not not getting a whistle?” carousel. While he wasn’t pretty from the stripe at least give him a chance to make them.

4) Missing free throws. Just…please….someone do SOMETHING. This is embarrassing and basically un-professional at this point. It’s your job, just about all of you, except Lonzo, are better than this…I think? Figure it out, get hypnotized, do something about it other than shake your head as if it were the first time.

5) And something I actually liked: Michael “Microwave” Beasley. Dude was instrumental in swinging the game back our way, great to see him finding his way, again.