5 Things I Liked

  1. I know it wasn’t efficient or pretty but Lonzo Ball needs to keep applying pressure on offense. He took what the defense offered he just didn’t make them pay consistently.
  2. Brandon Ingram shooting threes. Needs to happen more, a lot more. Brandon’s attack patterns are becoming predictable and shooting the three over his defender is both a makeable shot for him and a way to open up his drives to the rim.
  3. Kuzma always in attack mode. I also like how he’s really dedicated himself to cleaning the glass. Again, not the most efficient night for Kyle but more shots will fall and more whistles will sound if he stays aggressive.
  4. The second unit finding its footing through Beasley. Earlier in his career, backbwhen LT was regularly orchestrating trades to get him here, I both questioned his maturity and ability to play within a system. He’s found both since returning to the NBA and I am very glad he’s a Laker.
  5. Learning. As we’ve been saying, this is a different season for KidCore. The intensity is higher, the successes are gradient, the losses magnified. But, through all the injuries and growing pains were still clinging to a playoff seeding and you can see them trying to live up to themselves. Doesn’t come out positive every night. Utah is a hard place to win anytime and their injuries don’t really add up to missing LeBron and Rondo.