Kobe says relax

While I have been as frustrated as anyone by the recent losing, I also have been watching basketball long enough to remember that most teams go through rough patches in any given season. The Warriors had a 1 and 5 streatch with Curry out. And they still had Clay and KD. They were blown out several times while Curry was out. And were just not missing one guy. We are without our 2 leading scorers and our most important bench player. On the offensive end that means that things that are usually available for BI, Lonzo and Hart aren’t there right now and they are still trying to figure out what is there for them. It’s clear that none of the kids are ready to be closers but with a healthy squad they don’t need to be. I’m hoping Kuz can play tonight because he will open up things for others and defenses can’t just hang around the paint like the T Wolves did. Both Hart and BI were met by 2 or 3 guys every time they drove in the paint. Kuz will pull his guy out. I hope we come out with energy tonight. It’s easier to win if you are battling fatigue in the 4th then trying to come back from 20 down in the 1st half.

Kobe Bryant

Relax. Entire squad is d**n near out. Were playing pretty well before that #gethealthy #lakerfam