5 Things

That make it hard to win a basketball game. Seemed like too long of a title. Lost another winnable game against a team we really should have beaten. This is more of a list of annoying things so…

1) Lonzo Ball jump passes. There were a number of bad passes that led to Lonzo’s team high 6 turnovers but it’s the ones where he gets into the paint and rises up for an uncontested shot but chose to pass instead. There was one where he had his man on his hip and chose to throw it out to KCP for a missed three. Mr. Ball played with a lot more aggression than we’re used to seeing but he left a lot of makeable shots on the court.

2) Svi over Bonga. I don’t know if Svi utterly tears it up in practice or slips coach Walton a $20 bill to get him some minutes but it’s really just st gotta stop. Bongs, like Thomas Bryant last season, can’t seem to buy floor time. I, for one, would like to see those roles reversed.

3) BI as the seeming primary ball handler. Lonzo defers to him, Luke won’t play the starting PG for the South Bay Lakers and so in a lot of ways I don’t blame Ingram. I get it, he had his best stretch of play last season as the PG but this a very different Laker team: no Randle, no Clarkson and on a team that’s injury-depleted. Brandon is being asked to be the first everything on this team and it’s too much.

4) 21 points on 21 shots. Ingram was aggressive, again, but failed to make the big shots down the stretch. He, along with Josh Hart, need to watch game film on James Harden. Figure out how he gets to the line instead of trying to make tough shots. In his defense I thought he was fouled on a couple of his drives to the rim in the 4th but just didn’t get the whistle.

5) Not playing to their identity. Starting slow put us behind the 8 ball and making the much improved 2nd half a wasted effort. These guys have to learn to come out swinging and they too often slow down a lot in the 4th. Yes we’re missing key guys but these are mostly young guys. Luke has to do a better job of separating Kngram and Lonzo’s minutes so that they’re better rested for the 4th.

Gotta turn this around on Sunday, as much of a ‘must win’ game as there can be in early January.