Just maybe…..

…summa these dudes are just gonna be role players. I know folks like to say things like “Well look at (insert random HoFer)’s numbers in his 2nd year!” Yeah but also look at (insert random journeyman)’s numbers in his 2nd year too….sometimes you turn into Draymond Green, sometimes (most times) you turn into Gerald Green. I’m getting the feeling that we may have drank (drunk? drinked? dranken?..lol) too much koolaid when it comes to our young core…and maybe our young head coach as well. And it’s not even from a talent standpoint, because all these guys possess a high level skillset. It’s more about the mindset and how they approach the game. I can’t take another article where Luke has to implore BI & Zo to be aggressive. Seems like that’s the thing that separates them from Kuz & Hart and their ability to “fit” with Lebron. That ain’t something that can be taught..you just gotta have that dog in you.

Last night’s game was winnable but this was the 3rd time in the last few games where the youngsters wilted when the defensive pressure got ratcheted up. Rondo stabilized em in the GSW game, no answer for the Clipps & OKC tho. And this is how it’ll be in the playoffs. Can’t always rely on pace to get you through..gotta execute in the half court when things slow down.

Of course alotta this will be remedied when Lebron returns. But what his absence has shown is that our young core hasn’t really advanced like we thought they did…it was mostly just Lebron being Lebron. If we continue to get exposed over these next 7 winnable games it makes me wonder if AD really wants to play with these guys after his 2yr window with Lebron is over…..