Sick baby, 5 Things MIAish

With Sydney coming down with a bad cold go close out 2018 I haven’t had the time to overly dissect what tickles my fancy, but this is where I’m at with our 5 young core players.

1) Lonzo Ball playing with aggression. That’s the player we need to see every game. Is it a mental adjustment? Assuredly, when LeBron comes back he’ll be playing more off the ball. Will his role fluctuate? Yep, that’s life, but for a select few, in the NBA. But when he drives the ball with the intent to score or comes off a screen looking to shoot he is a much better player.

2) Same goes for Ingram. Lately he’s middling about shooting too many mud-range 2’s and making poor reads. He’s turning down 3 point shots and coming up short on his drives. His free throw percentage is in free fall this month. If there’s a player on the roster that needs the calendar to turn it’s BI.

3) Kyle Kuzma. It’s the opposite with Kyle, he needs to slow his roll down at times and find that space in his head where the game slows down. When he’s under control he’s a true force in the NBA. When he drifts into reckless Nd out of control he’s very ordinary. His defensive intensity comes and goes, with LeBron he’s cutting less and going iso more, and his three point shot isn’t falling like it did last year…yet.

4) Josh Hart and his drives to the rim. He’s gotta take a ref out to dinner, watch some James Harden game film, I don’t know what but something to find out why he can’t buy a grrr throw on his drives to the rim. In many ways Hart is our most consistent young player but he’s also asked to do a lot less and has had the most stable role.

5) Zubac. Zu’s come back to Earth playing without LeBron or Rondo. Our other primary play makers have yet to perfect the art of the pick and roll (or command less respect from the defense) and so his scoring went down once those 2 went out. Like most young players he struggled with that and his overall play has gone down, as well.

All in all, a disappointing 2 games. Hopefully the ship can be righted to some degree but this is honestly what generally happens when you remove transcendent players from the line up.