5 Things I Liked

Great Christmas present for Lakers fans everywhere. While the sight of LeBron struggling with an apparent groin injury is a not a comforting one, the way the team responded was awesome.

1) The Lakers trains staff and LeBron’s support team. Waiting for his MRI results (probably publicized early tomorrow) and the estimated number of games he’ll miss will be one rough Christmas hangover. Hoping it’s mild, the missed games few and the recovery complete. Injured groins are no joke. Wishing the King a speedy recovery.

2) Rajon Rondo in full wizard mode. Rondo must be an infuriating player to guard. He can score well enough that you have to respect his drives and outside shot. Once he has you committed to stopping him he simply makes a play for the team. Brilliant game by Rondo, especially after James’ injury.

3) Zubac’s rennaisaince. Three games of the Zubac you always dreamed of. The dude is playing the best basketball of his life right now and it’s coming at the perfect time. With McGee still recovering from pneumonia and Chandler just being old and only able to contribute to a limited degree Zubac’s play in the paint has allowed us to maintain our defensive identity. The points per game has been fantastic, too.

4) The Bench Crew stepping up big. Quality (albeit few) minutes from Lance, Hart with a good game, KCP playing to his potential and the G-Leaguers seeing some 4th quarter action in a victory. Great game by the guys off the pine.

5) Luke’s strategy to contain the Warriors. Doubling Durant and Curry hard, forcing Loony, Green, AI and the struggling Thompson to beat us and letting Rondo Wirk his magic.