5 Things I Liked

1) LeBron overcoming the bug making it’s way thru the NBA for his 3rd triple-double as a Laker. He set the tone early with 7 first quarter assists and was steady throughout the entire game. Making a play when we needed one made, scoring a basket when we needed one and generally playing a fantastic overall game.

2) The Laker 2nd half defense. We turned what had been a see-saw battle with both teams running up the score to a comfortable win. The team really honed in on that end of the floor after the break which I’m sure made the coaches happy.

3) The return of Brandon Ingram. BI looked like his normal, smooth and steady self, playing long, driving the ball well on that ankle and having the kind of impact you’d expect. He’ll never be as flashy as Kuzma or plucky as Hart but BIhas a style all his own. Welcome back Brandon.

4) The return of Rajon Rondo. Rondo also looked like he was suffering no ill-effects from the broken hand making some great passes, forcing the defense to collapse to him and kicking the ball out or finding a cutter. Didn’t really have his scoring touch going but Rondo has always found ways to impact the game beyond scoring.

5) ZUBAC!!!! The big lug got the starting nod last night and all he did was drop the best game of his young NBA life. He did it by simply playing to his current potential, staying in the moment and being a the big man that he is. His game last night was the quintessence of “stay ready for when your number is called”. Nobody would have been surprised if Zubac had dropped a dud against AD, largely considered the best center playing, instead he didn’t shirk from the moment and a career night. Now all he has to do is stay ready for his next moment and do it again. The hallmark of any kind of NBA success is consistency.

Memphis on Sunday, hope we can flush this bug out of the team’s system and have the whole roster ready to ball.