Lebron’s game last night was a great sales pitch for AD. I am sure that AD saw the possibilities that come with playing with Lebron. The problem is I don’t see us getting him in a trade. I would bet good money that the Pelicans will not trade him this year, no matter what. They will have money to spend this summer. They will try to upgrade their roster and see what happens. If they feel they will lose him then they may trade him, but to the lakers? I’m not so sure. Even if AD says he wants to come to LA he is so good that like PG and Kawhi someone will make an offer the Pels can live with. This is clear, like the Spurs, nobody will want help the Lakers.

But after watching our kids last night, we are in very good shape. Just adding a quality free agent to this group elevates our chances, especially if KD leaves the Warriors even if he doesn’t come here. Lonzo and BI are on the verge of becoming one of the best defensive back courts in the NBA. I also liked us trying harder to exploit BI’s size advantage over smaller guards. When BI came into the league because of the physical similarities he was compared to KD. But he might turn out to be more like Pippin. 18 to 20 ppg and a lock down defender. kuz on the other hand is developing into a dangerous 2nd scoring option. If Lonzo can bring a efficient 15 ppg next year without a trade we can be a very dangerous team. Maybe in the end signing AD as a free agent could be the best outcome.