Learning the LeBron Lesson: Be More Than a Scorer

For a peek into LeBron James’ core values, you need only notice how he gives some of the same answers to different questions. For example, meaningful personal accomplishments get him reflecting on his hometown of Akron, Ohio, and how far he has come in life. A huge, happy net gets thrown over specific questions about his fresh experience as a Lakers player, with this quote offered Tuesday: “I love everything that’s going on with our ball club and this franchise since I got here.”

James’ most useful catch-all answer so far: “The best teacher in life is experience.” It has been especially applicable considering how much the younger Lakers players need NBA experience to operate at James’ championship level, with James acknowledging he has been “battling with since the season started” how much to take over games and how much to give those teammates opportunities to grow this team.

Along those lines, though, another common refrain has come out. It’s the one that truly speaks to what James holds dear in the spirit of the game.

“If you’re able to make an impact in the game and you’re not scoring the ball,” James said Friday, “then you’re a complete basketball player.”

James has long prided himself on being “not a scorer.” Even though he now stands at No. 5 on the all-time NBA scoring chart, he has said it countless times in his career, even clarifying how he as a kid never aspired just to score.