5 Things I Liked

1) This future poster, maybe for my daughter…

2) Another Laker home win where we are a very respectable 10-4. Did the right thing in not letting the Spurs use us as comeback vehicle for their miserable season and made sure we won one for Brandon Ingram (hope the ankle isn’t serious and the hold out more precautionary). Need to rinse and repeat on Friday in San Antonio.

3) That 4th quarter. Bottle it, preserve it, embalm it…whatever needs doing to make that a constant for our team. We outscored the Spurs by 12 to the tune of 43-31 led by LeBron James but featuring his supporting cast. Josh Hart with 2 bog 3s, Lonzo Ball canned a trey, and Kuzma started the 4th off really aggressively to help set the tone early.

4) Tyson Chandler’s unheralded excellence. I don’t know how he does it but man is Tyson Chandler somehow a part of every big run the Lakers go on. JaVale has been spectacular but it’s been Tyson who generally finishes the game, mainly because he sets wipe-out screens and is a solid rebounder. Great game from the vet.

5) Oh dang…I think I meant this poster…

Ah well, just have to get ’em both. Seriously, Lonzo had a great game. Might not show up in the box score in the same way LeBron’s game did but it’s undeniable all the same. Clutch three pointer in the 4th quarter, laser blast extra pass to Josh Hart for a three pointer in the 4th quarter and made a lot of great reads, my favorite being his 15′ jump shot he really wanted to pass the ball on in the first half. If BI is out for more than a couple games we’ll need Mr. Ball to put in efforts like this more consistently.

15-9, 5th in the western conference, 3rd in one of the tougher divisions, swept the 4 game home stand. Good stuff, go Lakers.