Kevin Durant says there are challenges to finding a sidekick for LeBron

Bosh, in an appearance Wednesday on ESPN’s The Jump, mostly agreed with Durant’s take.

“KD knows the game. He’s played with LeBron, actually,” Bosh said. “They’ve won a gold medal together. So anytime you play with great players you’re going to have to adjust — point blank, period.”

But Bosh said free agents’ thoughts on a next destination aren’t set in stone.

“There’s still so much more basketball to play,” Bosh said. “KD, Kawhi, all these guys who are going to be free agents, their mindset now is going to be totally different six months from now. So guys have to remember that. And that’s not going to stop the conversation about it. But the league might change. Who know’s what’s going to happen in the playoffs? There’s always so many different moving parts. You can never try to make up your mind and know what you’re going to do in that time.”