Wishing on that 2nd Star


The more I watch this young team come together the more convinced I am that the add through free agency is the best path. AD is the only player that realistically could come on the trade market that I would trade for. When you have a chance at one of a half dozen true superstars you have to go for it.

There is a lot of talk of how we need to add a 2nd scorer but I think we have a 2nd and a 3rd scorer already in place. All Kuz and BI have to do is make 2 more shots a game and you have two 20 point scorers. And I think they both will get there. Kuz will not shoot 30% from 3 all year. He’s better then that. And BI just needs to become as efficient as he was the 2nd half of last season. So 20 ppg is realistic for both. And if Lonzo can just become a little more efficient that will be icing on the cake.

Defensively the pre season and early season focus on defense is really beginning to pay off. With our 2 headed center monsters in the paint we are seeing the other guys becoming more Aggressive. Lonzo and BI have developed into one of the better defensive back courts in the NBA and both are just 21 which is amazing to me. Kuz has also shown signs of defensive improvement and even Lebron locks in during crunch time.

Turnovers are currently problematic but I think that will clean up as we continue to learn to play together. With a team that wants to run there will always be a certain amount of aggressive turnovers that I’m okay with. But there are still too many sloppy turnovers that need to be fixed. There are also several “I thought you were going to be there” type turnovers that will go down as familiarity kicks in.

KCP is playing better now and he has been great on D. While Josh will never admit it I think his ankle has affected him some but he looked better last night. Once Rondo is back I expect our 2nd unit to much better.

Even without a 2nd star I think this team will be trouble by the time the playoffs roll around. I’m just going to enjoy this team as it grows and not worry about that 2nd star everyone is wishing for until next summer.