Los Angeles Lakers: Lonzo Ball is starting to run out of slack

Because of his age and the fact that he has not compiled a full season’s worth of games yet, it is hard for me to ever jump off the Lonzo Ball bandwagon. The scoring will eventually come, and even if it doesn’t, the absolute worst Ball can be is a facilitator and elite defender. That is not a bad floor.

The only problem is that with LeBron James now on the team and not getting any younger, the patience for Ball’s lack of scoring is eventually going to wear out. Brandon Ingram hasn’t turned into the stone cold killer offensively that we thought he would become and the nobody else has really emerged as a true, star, second scorer.

LeBron thrives when having an elite guard that can score alongside him. The best teams he played on had Dwyane Wade and Kyrie Irving and as Wade succumbed to father time and Irving left it was obvious that James’ teams were missing something.