5 Things I Liked

There aren’t five things to like about that game. Our cute little rally fell short, our defense was a mess and our small ball line up sucks the big one. If this is really how Magic, Rob and Luke really wanted to play it gets harder and harder to see where they thought they’d be getting stops and rebounds. Can’t honestly expect Javale to average 5 blocks, also he looked gassed all game. Anyhow, let’s try…

1) Kyle Kuzma. Dude balled pretty hard all game. Ending his tenure as the our de facto small ball center did wonders for his game. Led the team in scoring, couldn’t hit from three but didn’t show any quit. Nice game from Kyle.

2) LeBron James for three! Seeing LBJ get that three point form back together was nice to see. He looked good shooting it in his only three attempts but the shot looked a lot smoother. Now we just need to get his free throw shooting straightened (along with the rest of the team).

3) BI had a good game? That one feels like I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Honestly, that’s it. Rondo was terrible, McGee was bad on offense where he got schooled by Serge Ilbaka (he of a career night on offense). KCP and Stephenson were awful, Lance with his ability to actually switch himself back onto to his original defender rather than onto the mismatched defender and KCP continues to look like he belongs in a rec league and not the NBA. No defense, no scoring, nothing. Lance only getting 13 minutes and KCP getting 17 needs to change. Give Lance KCP’s minutes and let him stew on the bench. Dude is getting paid too much money to be this bad.

Losses like this, at home, where the team just came out with zero intensity, seemingly with no defensive plan that I could discern and with little to no fire to stand up to the Raptors until it was far late, are inexcusable. Embarrassing loss from the coaches on down and it was the effort that was the most glaring deficiency. They got a couple of days before Minnesota on Wednesday, here’s hoping they can either get some help in the form of Tyson Chandler (won’t really move the needle that much, in my opinion) and get some of these fairly basic issues addressed. Need to be better from three, need to be better from the stripe. Just need to be better.

The Lakers: we’re working on it.