And Now for Something Completely Different

-Man do I hate the Boston Red Sox, Dodgers just utterly out-classed on every baseball level. C’est la vie, Go Angels next season!
-D’Angelo Russell as an off ball guard would be epic on the Lakers. Don’t diss me, could happen when he’s an URFA. Don’t ask him to be the primary ball-handler, just as a dead-eye two-guard with decent court vision. 5-7 from 3 tonight, 44.8% for the season(!!!)
-Hard to see KCP signing off on a trade to a non-contender. Sacramento does not qualify but I suppose it depends on how much he takes Rich Paul’s advice. Not doing any trade rumor any favor with his play so far…
-Anyway we could swing a trade for Devin Booker?
-Speaking of the Suns, remember when we beat them last week? That was the first time that Lonzo Ball and Josh Jackson faced each other since their epic NCAA tourney couple years back? Remember when that was actually a talking point/point plot-line in Laker Land? So glad we’ve moved past that shyte.