Things I don’t like so far:

1. LBJ bringing down the ball. With the 2 fastest pacesetter PGs in the team, LBJ’s insistence of being the primary ballhandler is wrong, just wrong. The Spurs don’t kill Laker pace as much as Bron does.

2. McGee’s silly fouls. Why does an 11 year vet keep committing all those reaching, grabbing and basically rookie fouls?

3. Team’s inability to play slow methodical ball. 3 pt shooters didn’t beat them. its the Spurs midrange system basketball.

4. Press, TV team not giving the benefit of the doubt to Rondo and implying its a JR Smith bonehead play is pathetic. Trying to be BB smarter than the collective of LBJ, Luke, Rondo and Lonzo, Puh-Lease!

5. The stupid mascot. I really really hate that mascot.