5 Things I Liked

With Laker legend Kobe Bryant sitting baseline the inspired Lakers came back and pulled out their first home Win. LBJ got his first triple-double for the purple and gold. Lakers are on their first ‘winning streak’ of the season.  So here we go:

1) ‘Make ‘em dance’ Lance Stephenson didn’t come close to a triple-double but I love him on the court in crunch time. His aggressiveness on defense utterly disrupted the Nugget point of attack in the 4th quarter and he was clutch with those back-to-back 3s to key the winning rally. Great game for Lance.

2) the slow start excellence of LeBron James. The King is struggling a bit with his three point shot and from the line but that has slowed him down not at all. The kid from Akron is melding more and more with these guys every day, great things could be in the mix if this kind of game to game growth continues.

3) Lonzo Ball being consistent. Any NBA player can have a smattering of good games but it’s when you can do something well consistently do you even start to enter the conversation about being s good to great player. Lonzo’s defense has always been great but his scoring…not so much. That looks like it’s beginning to change. Already this season Bsll has looked to score as a first option and made the shots he wanted to take. That’s huge and it’ll open everything up for him if he can keep it up. Consistency.

4) Luke’s rotations his not being satisfied with how we played. Luke pushed all the right buttons down the stretch, enabling his young players, handling the vets, getting rest for LBJ in the right spots. While we weren’t as aggressive on the break as he wants to be every game, “attacking in waves” as he put it to start the 4th and in a team huddle, we still defended well and got favorable shots early enough. Kept the vets fresh for the late push.

5) Taking care of the basketball and other fundamentals. We shot mire free throws for the second game and did a great job not coughing up the rock. Great team win now let’s avenge ourselves against San Antonio!