JaVale has been a revelation, while Ingram and Kuzma haven’t fared as well

What Went Wrong: The Lakers’ success or failure this season will turn largely on the play of the young core, and in particular, on Ingram and Kyle Kuzma. Lonzo Ball is going to split time with Rondo, Josh Hart is going to share time with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and whichever combination of those players is on the court at a given moment is likely to be fine.

But there is no back-up plan for Ingram and Kuzma, and that is perhaps the biggest concern to emerge from the first week of the regular season. Expectations were through the roof for both players this year, and if either or both does not come through in a big way, the Lakers are in trouble.

Excluding James, they are the only players on the team with the potential to score 20 points a game, and without both of them playing at a high level as the second and third scoring options, the prospect of the Lakers making the playoffs this year will take a big hit.