Coulda Woulda Shoulda

The title also applies to the Young Core of the Los Angeles Lakers. From Brandon Ingram to Lonzo Ball the youngins struggled, especially in the first half. The Lakers were 0-12 from 3 at halftime. Finished 7-30 so volume certainly wasn’t the issue.with only KCP (1-1), Rondo (1-2) and Josh Hart (3-5) shooting over 25%. Brandon found his game a little better in the 2nd half but the 3 ball eluded he and LBJ whilst Kuzma and Ball combined to go 2-11.

The bench got worked in this game and obviously the three point discrepancy was a huge issue. But I really thought this was a winnable game up until a minute or so to go. If Ingram or James could have hit some 3s, if the bench had started a little more in sync, all of this could have gone very differently. It didn’t. First game and this is going to be a journey. One super-duper positive, Lonzo is 100% on his free throws through 1 game. While the perfection may not last his free throw shot looked smooth tonight. Just improving that aspect of his game would go a long way towards realizing his potential.

Personal umbrages would be not enough Josh Hart, didn’t try Zubac when Kuzma was out-swolted in the first half and, subsequently, the second half (specifically to start the 2nd quarter and end the 3rd into the 4th quarter, felt like Luke never really matched their size…then again, Kuz just might have to learn a bit). Myles Leonard and Zach Collins simply cannot be the reason we lose. Kyle did his best when Portland, inexplicably, went small. Portland is a team that has solid to great talent at the 4 and 5. No adjustment by our team, something to work on.

0 fer on predictions, btw. C’est la vie.