Luke Walton finally faces the pressure and scrutiny of being Lakers head coach

You’re​ Luke Walton, a favorite son​ of​ the​ Los Angeles​ Lakers. You​ took​ over​ a team​ that had won​ just​ 17 games​​ before you got here and coached it to 27 wins in your first season, 35 in your second. Your staff developed raw and unknown prospects into a core that was promising enough to attract the game’s best player. Fans love you. Players embrace your vibe.

So why are so many people around the league wondering if you’ll survive the season?
Is it because the general manager who did not hire you said “to play the Warriors in their own game is a trap,” when the general manager who did hire you brought you in with an eye toward mimicking that very style?

Is it because Magic Johnson is unpredictable?

Or is it because every coach who manages LeBron James eventually ends up on the hot seat, anyway, so you might as well just start there?

Welcome to your new life, Luke Walton.