Tonight’s the night

Once more unto the breech dear friends, once more! Oh man I’ve been getting giddier and giddier all day. As if I had any idea how the game was going to go tonight (Spoiler: I don’t). All I have to say fellow Lakerholics is enjoy this moment. It’s been 5 long seasons since we had a player of this caliber in good health on the team and here’s hoping that good health lasts 4 (or maybe even more) years.

Some Predictions:
-Lonzo Ball is going to go 3 for 3 from deep. I think he’s going to want to force his way into that starting line up ASAP and be one of the Lakers in the All Star conversation.
-Josh Hart might struggle a bit. Hope that hamstring issue is all good to go, I hope my man Josh has a stellar season but man did he struggle in preseason.
-Ditto KCP. Although his last 2 games were much improved.
-Ingram is going to score 30 points. BI is going to get so many clean looks sharing the floor with LeBron, he’s too god not to take advantage of them and get to the line a fair number of times.
-McGee will shoot a 3…and miss it. Sorry, that’s just what I feel in the place where my feelings live.
-Kuzma is going to find that shooting stroke from all over. Hook shots that didn’t fall during preseason will swish through. His three ball will look crisp. Kyle will be looking to shed his preseason struggles in game 1.
-Luke will play 12 men deep tonight. It’s still “preseason” for the coaching staff as they work the offense in, discover what rotations work and generaly get a feel for the team.

Best prediction…LeBron goes off for 40 for a little “Well hello there NBA, I’m a Laker now: deal with it.”

Hoping the Lakers win but the Rose Garden (or whatever corporate schmorporate name they gave it) is brutal for both the purple and gold and The King. Let’s see if we can turn that beat around tonight!

Go Lakers!!!