The Lakers’ young core say LeBron James has just been one of the guys so far

“I mean, he acts like a kid. He acts like one of us,” Ingram said. “Of course he keeps it professional all the time. [But he also] acts like one of us on a daily basis.”

Ingram laughed in acknowledging that James’ sons help their dad stay abreast of things his young teammates might like — “Me and his son listen to the same music,” Ingram said, referring to Bronny — but he also said James doesn’t treat his teammates like his children.

Hart agreed with Ingram’s description.

“He’s one of us,” Hart said. “But he’s the best player to put on an NBA jersey. When you have someone like that he’s obviously the vocal leader and talks to you. But it’s not like he’s spazzing on us. He can relate on a different level but he can joke around so it makes it just regular.”