Young Lakers are showing very little sign of being starstruck by LeBron James

In fact, rather than the young players on the team, so far it’s actually been Walton who has been the most openly impressed with James.

“I’ve always heard what his basketball IQ was like, but in the short time I’ve spent with him, it’s off the charts. It’s really impressive what a student of the game he is, and the way he sees the game and can communicate that to his teammates. It’s very impressive,” Walton said, noting that at one point during training camp scrimmages James was identifying plays Walton was calling out to the offense from a play sheet and telling the defense how to guard them.

Walton hadn’t shown James the sheet yet.

James is able to do things like that by combining one of the highest IQs the game has ever seen with preternatural instincts, a borderline-photographic memory and the desire to watch endless film.